The River (feat. Adam Cunningham)

by Jay Clark Band

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Joshua Smotherman
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Joshua Smotherman The lead single, The River, features Adam Cunningham and is an easy flowing, smooth sailing, guitar rockin’ tune that emanates all the elements of a solid, radio-ready track. You’ll feel the music, you’ll feel the singing, and you’ll be left rocking your favorite air instrument of choice as the sonic forces infect your senses.
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a kid on the run and the sheriff hot on his trail


Take me where the river flows
With the clover cover and the stony shores
Hard to find another place I'd want be

Find myself a shade tree
Where I can lay on back and be at peace
stare at the clouds and dream about tomorrow

forgive my troubled soul, Lord, take my sins away

You can hide, but you won't be safe
I won't rest until I end this chase
Dogs on your scent and I'm coming to take you down
Run, son run, I promise you will be found

I'm sorry for the trouble I caused
Didn't mean no harm it was just the rush
In and out fast and trying to get away

Cmon listen man
I was just a kid with a stupid plan
I'm sorry I didn't mean hurt nobody
Whoa hiding by the river now

I know what your starting to think
But you broke the law when you hit that bank
I'm closing in about to take you down
Run, son, run but you will be found

Reckless life, mom was right, need to learn to be contrite
Adversary's sigh, set up to be a gunfight

I'm sorry for the trouble I caused
Didn't mean no harm need a brand new start
I give up man you can come take me away
Whoa whoa I'm by the river now

There you are down by that tree
Got you in my sights don't you try to flee
Listen here son just stay on the ground
Whoa whoa I've got you now

Heard a sound and I turned to see
Can't see nothing ahead but the flowers and trees
I jump up fast hear a pop then it all goes black

Whoa floating down the river now
Whoa floating down the river now


released March 1, 2017
Adam Cunningham - Kid Vocals
Jay Clark - Sheriff Vocals



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Jay Clark Band Ohio

Jay Clark is an artist from Ohio. He partnered up with some sizzling musicians from Nashville to put out a killer LP thats been called "southern infused party rock." If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Walsh or Kid Rock then this is for you.

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